In August 2022, I was unexpectedly diagnosed with Stage 3b colon cancer. The tumor had completely blocked my intestines, and I ended up spending a few weeks in the hospital following emergency surgery. Unfortunately the tumor had eroded through my intestines into my pelvis and had spread to the lymph nodes. In October, I embarked on a 6 month course of chemotherapy.

One thing I’ve learned is that cancer is not a diagnosis that just affects one person; it affects the entire family, an entire network. I am fortunate to have great support around me. My wife, Amy, and my two daughters, Virginia (9) and Lucy (7), have been at my side throughout this ordeal. My friends and neighbors have offered with meals, childcare and prayers. My colleagues in the dermatology clinic have helped to ensure that all of my patients, whom I care about tremendously, continue to be cared for when I am unable to be in the clinic.

Cancer is a lens through which I’ve been given a unique perspective on my life and relationships. I am confident that when this is all over, I will be a better father, a better husband, a better friend, and a better physician.