Dr. Justin J. Finch, MD, FAAD earned his medical degree from University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. Dr. Finch went on to serve as Chief Resident of Dermatology during his residency at the University of Connecticut. Prior to co-founding Central Connecticut Dermatology, he served as the Assistant Professor, Director of the Center for Cutaneous Laser Surgery, and Director of Clinical Photography University of Connecticut Health Center, Department of Dermatology. His clinical interests include infectious diseases of the skin, connective tissue diseases, genetics, and cosmetic dermatology.

Dr. Finch’s approach to patient care and education relies heavily on his artistic background. His artistic vision affords him a unique perspective in the diagnosis and management of complex skin disease. He was a professional photographer prior to going to medical school and he is the author and illustrator of multiple books, from Genoderms Made Ludicrously Easy, a scientific textbook on genetic diseases of the skin, to The Squirrel Who Lost his Acorn, a whimsical children’s book. Early on he recognized the visual nature of dermatology and ultimately, it’s what drew him in to the tremendous psychosocial impact that skin disease can have, and the enormous toll that skin disease unleashes on patients’ emotional and psychologic well-being. Dr. Finch is now an international speaker, has received numerous awards for outstanding teaching and has written and published more than 30 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts and over 40 book chapters.

Dr. Finch’s passion for his practice is fueled by the small things. It’s a moment shared with a patient; learning that they’ve just become a first-time parent or grandparent; or other days it may be a new insight into the cause of some long-mysterious skin disease. He approaches each day with a sense of wonder, anticipating something new.

Outside of the dermatology clinic, Dr. Finch spends his time camping and hiking with his wife and children or absorbed in an artistic pursuit. You may find him playing with his children in the backyard, creating fine art photography, or woodworking in his makeshift garage workshop.